How to Handle the “SEO Slog” Phenomenon

Long gone are the days where things are just made to look pretty. The back end is getting more complicated by the day. With forever-changing algorithms and updating platforms, everything – on the whole – is becoming more dynamic.

Some companies try to get into the online game because they find this fundamental missing from their marketing mix, others try to stay ahead of the game and at the top of rankings.


What is the SEO Slog?

The SEO Slog is the interim stage of the SEO process, during which the discrepancy between invested effort/cost vs. effective, real-time results is at its peak. Naturally, this stage is most unsatisfactory in the eyes of most clients.

When the SEO Slog occurs, many clients already expect to rank as No. 1 in Google, but yesterday. Additionally, they want at least a 10% increase in sales conversions also, so our unique tug of war begins. The intelligent yet simple graph below shows “what you pay for” vs. “what you get, and when”.

Source: Buzzmaven

At PureSEO, we believe in getting the balance right between our resources and those of our clients. Everyone agrees to put in 100% to build a strong and long-term relationship, not only between them and us, but also between their website and Google. Call it a prolonged honeymoon stage, if you will, with monthly reporting and constant contact. Customers are kept in the loop and know what is going on at all stages of their SEO cycle.

As Scott Clark at Buzzmaven puts it, “executives long for the simplicity of keyword lists and SERP screen shots”. He goes on asserting that “we must now bore them with KPIs like engagement, backlink diversity, re-query phenomena and personalized results considerations.”

At Pure SEO, we take a different approach. We believe boring executives with too much SEO detail is not productive, but instead we strive to find the balance between mutual engagement and efficient partnership. Each partner focuses on what they do best. Our client builds their business and content, we deliver SEO strategy and implementation accordingly.

For SEO to work properly with minimal slog, it requires effort from both sides of the equation, most importantly a commitment to the long term. SEO is not an overnight cure for a struggling business. You’ll have to stick in there a while for a thoroughly rewarding result.

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