How You Can Use the Power of SEO to Build an Eye-Catching Brand

Every business aspires to stay ahead of its competitors by standing out in a crowded field and gaining recognition within the market. Whether you’re the CEO of a large enterprise, a small business owner, an author, or a marketing director, understanding the impact of SEO brand marketing matters. After all, it enables businesses to improve their online presence and user experience to maximise their potential.

SEO brand marketing enables businesses to supercharge their brand awareness and target the right audience by presenting the right solutions at the appropriate time and place. Below, we will explore how SEO can help your business build a strong brand identity.

Building A Brand with SEO:

Optimising targeted areas of your website for search engines can help boost your ranking, enhance brand recognition online, attract more traffic to your website, and convert visitors into leads and potential engaged consumers. These work together to boost your marketing campaigns and build your brand online.

1- Increase Organic Search Traffic

The first and the most important step in your digital Brand Marketing strategy is to lay solid foundations for SEO through completing keyword research. You’ll want to complete this before writing and publishing any content on your website. Our free-to-download Keyword Research – Detailed Step Guide can walk you through this task.

Optimising content with appropriate keywords is an important aspect of any SEO strategy. It also goes hand-in-hand with your brand strategy as the words and search terms you decide to target will determine what people associate with your brand. Identifying relevant search terms and long-tail keywords will help you rank for what your audience is asking search engines.

Don’t forget to utilise branded search terms. Branded search terms are queries that include the name of your brand or business. Customers using branded keywords are far more likely to purchase your product/service as they are already familiar with your brand name. Also, follow all the On-Page SEO guidelines for the best possible results. Optimising On-Page elements with target keywords can help your increase your brand recognition and visibility. Some of the most important On-Page SEO elements include:

  • Page Title
  • Headings and Sub-headings
  • Meta Description
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Image Alt Text and File Names
  • Internal links
  • Alternative content formats such as video and infographics

Learn more about each of these in The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO on the Pure SEO blog.

2- Utilise Local SEO

Local SEO is a very effective tactic for small business owners who aim to raise brand awareness in their area. Localise your content by focusing on the search intent and search queries of people nearby to increase your reach in local searches. Here are a few ways that can help you boost your brand marketing using local SEO:

  • Create and optimise a Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) account and regularly add new images and content
  • Add your business to local business directories
  • Build content covering trending local topics and events
  • Include location-specific keywords and content to your website

For more information on local SEO, you can read our detailed Local SEO guide.

3- Integrate Other Channels with SEO

Today’s digital marketing landscape can make it challenging to grow your presence within the market. While organic traffic is undoubtedly a vital aspect of business success, it is not the only factor. Some extra effort will be necessary to integrate your SEO with other marketing channels, such as social media platforms.

Social media and SEO can work in synergy with efforts to expand your audience reach and brand awareness. It is not enough to post a piece of content and forget about it. Build a community on your social channel to engage with your target audience.

You can also consider investing in social media ads and building audiences to support your content campaigns. When writing your ad copy, make sure to utilise your target keywords—ad targeting is not based on keywords, but it does rely on semantics and uses terminology familiar to your target audience.

4- Use Link Building as a Strategy

Backlinks are some of the most effective ranking factors of brand marketing and SEO. Incorporate a solid link-building strategy to increase your brand awareness online and boost your ranking on Google. Generally, the more backlinks a website have, the higher it will rank in the organic search results and receive greater traffic.

Link building helps your site and brand gain authority and credibility. The greater the number of quality backlinks you get, the greater your credibility with search engines. Guest posting is an excellent example of a link building strategy. You can implement this strategy by reaching out to relevant blogs or websites within your industry and publishing guest blog posts that include a link to your website. Similarly, you can invite individuals to guest post on your website if they have an authoritative presence online. You can read more about this strategy in this guide.

5- Concentrate on Top-of-the-Funnel Content

At the top of the funnel, marketers aim to pull a large pool of individuals into their website that might be interested in their products or services. As potential customers engage with your brand, they move down the funnel while the uninterested ones eventually drop off. At the top-on-the-funnel, the goal is to generate leads and drive brand awareness. The best use of SEO to create brand awareness is to focus on top-of-the-funnel content, which people search for in the early stages of their customer journey.

To target this, create content to help people deal with common problems that your brand addresses. The idea is that you are creating a value exchange of advice, which builds trust with people. If you deliver this consistently over time, you’ll start to build recognition and relationships with your audience, which eventually will translate to conversions.

Another advantage is that the number of search queries and their search volume at the top of the funnel is quite high, meaning it will bring more traffic, which is great for you as a few of these people may also look at what you’re offering.

6- Create the Right Type of Content for Your Audience

If it comes down to it, focus on quality over quantity. Publishing appropriate, helpful, and unique content on your website is how you achieve quality, and it increases your chances of ranking higher on search engines, attracting quality leads to your website, and building brand awareness.

Build your content strategy around the potential customers at the top of the funnel. Answer common customer queries in long-form FAQ pages, offer expert perspectives on industry-related topics, and curate engaging pieces.

Building a content strategy for your business helps you build trust, educate customers, and inform individuals about your product or services. You don’t need to restrict your content marketing to case studies or blog posts. You can create anything from infographics to videos, eBooks, webinars, podcasts, and other creative pieces to engage your audience and boost your SEO brand marketing.

Build Your Brand with Support from New Zealand’s SEO Experts

Bear in mind that the same strategy won’t work every time. You need to constantly monitor and update your SEO brand marketing strategy according to the latest trends within the market. With time, you also need to adjust your approach to make sure it is reaching your target audience.

Most importantly, before diving into an SEO brand marketing strategy, it is important to understand your audience’s level of brand awareness. This is where Pure SEO can help. Pure SEO is one of the leading SEO agencies in New Zealand, also offering social media marketing, content creation, brand building and online advertising services for over 10 years to companies of all sizes. If your business needs a professional SEO Brand Marketing strategy, contact Pure SEO today and let us help you reach your full brand potential.

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