Instagram Hacks You’d Want to Know to Boost Website Traffic (2020)

Instagram may not be the number one thing that pops into your head when you want to drive more traffic to your website. After all, the platform isn’t exactly link friendly. While the platform is image-heavy, however, there are still ways to leverage it to increase your site traffic, you just need to know-how.

Read on to discover the best Instagram hacks for boosting website traffic!

It’s all in the Bio!

A simple change in your Instagram bio can work wonders for driving site traffic. Think about it—have you ever noticed the link in your profile? Is it the same one you’ve been using since you started your account? And it’s probably linked to your homepage, right?

We’re here to tell you that there’s so much more you can do with your bio link instead of having the same one for forever. In fact, you can update your link as often as you like to so you can direct your audience to any page on your website. You can link it to a new campaign page, a featured story, or a lead capture page.

Apart from switching up your bio links, you can write strategic call-to-actions to include in the captions of your posts to increase chances of clicks. Make it as specific as possible. For example, “Read the full story at the link in our bio” or “View the full collection with the link in our bio!”

But what happens when users stumble on a post that was live months ago and they click on the link that redirects them to a different page? The answer is to use a “link in bio” tool such as Linktree, Shorby, and more! With a link in bio tool, it’s possible to link to more than just one page of content. Plus, your users will love you for it!


Another useful way to get more traffic is by tagging your products using Instagram Shopping features to turn it into a digital storefront where you can create shoppable posts.

With Instagram Shopping, you’re allowed up to:
• 5 tags in standard or video posts
• 20 tags with carousel posts (which is handy when your brand launches a new collection)
• 1 product sticker in Instagram stories

The feature allows users to click the products and take them directly to your website’s product page. You will need to meet Instagram’s eligibility criteria—connect to a Facebook catalogue and then sign up in the app with your business profile.

Let users watch

If you aren’t aware, you can insert clickable links in your IGTV posts. However, to see the descriptions, users have to tap on the post title. So, it’s up to you to get creative with your call-to-actions when you want your viewers to open video descriptions.

One way to go about this is to mention the link during the video itself! When users watch your IGTV post, it won’t hurt to do a little spiel encouraging viewers to visit your homepage.

Tell them to swipe up!

Include swipe-ups in your Instagram Stories so followers can easily visit your website. A call-to-action will be displayed at the bottom of the frame where your audience can swipe up.

The real challenge of this feature, however, is that you need to have over 10,000 followers or be a verified account to use it.

Highlight it!

As we’ve mentioned before, you can add links to your Instagram stories. The thing is, stories vanish after 24 hours. To keep your links up and running for viewers to see, create an Instagram story highlight where you can insert them.

With IG highlights, you can group your posted stories and feature them on your profile without dreading the 24-hour expiration. But take note; not every IG story belongs in a highlight. You need to curate stories that truly deserve a spot in your highlights. This is so that you don’t risk losing engagement with your audience.

Slide in the DMs

If you want to make sure your links reach your audience, slide into their DMs! But do so sparingly and with a cause. You don’t want to spam your followers for no reason. Initiate a conversation or send messages where they’re sure to find value and relevance. Another thing you can do is to set up quick replies that include your website link so users can readily click on it.

Tap relevant influencers

If you’re still growing your small IG following, why not partner with influencers to help increase your site traffic? Remember that a high number of followers shouldn’t be the sole criteria when choosing brand ambassadors to work with. You need to consider their audience and how they align with yours. You also need to consider their brand or personality and in what ways they can bring your endorsements to life.

Use action buttons

Lastly, action buttons can guide your audience on what you want them to do when they’re on your profile. Do you want them to call you, send a text, or hit you up with an email? Increase engagement with your profile action buttons so users have a clear idea on what to do which in turn, help drive more conversions.

To set up your action button, simply go on your profile settings, and it should be near the bottom of the list. To make the most of it, make sure to add a CTA in your bio to encourage users to use them!

Learn from the Pros!

If you find any of these Instagram hacks to be helpful, just imagine what more we can do for your brand when you partner with us! As a trusted digital marketing agency in Auckland, Pure SEO can help you utilise social media and use varying platforms to your advantage. Implement the right strategies with the right tools so you can grow your band. Ready to see results? Get in touch today!

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