Is Your About Us Page Strong Enough?

The ‘About Us’ page is your chance to give your audience a sneak peek into exactly why they should choose you over another company with related products or services.

It is all too often that it is underdeveloped and not seen for as much as it’s worth. So take a minute and give your ‘About Us’ page a proper look over. Consider the following tips to optimise this popular page to make sure your audience get the information they want to know.

Eliminate the Fluff

So it’s great you want to put your customer first and guarantee they will love your product/service, but newsflash, so does every other company. It’s great that you are all about quality and great customer service but that doesn’t answer what the customer really wants to know.

They want to see measurable reasons for why they should choose your company. For example, an Auckland Wedding Venue that says ‘Our beautiful venue and great services have exceeded the highest of expectations’ means virtually nothing; on the other hand saying, ‘We have hosted over 1,000 memorable weddings and proudly haven’t had a single complaint from a single guest,’ is a more tangible statement.

Let the Customer Make the Call

If you say, “We are an outstanding company’ it will fly right past the consumers head. Ultimately they will make that judgement upon evaluating your company service model, values and track record. Your ‘About Us’ page is not a place to advertise self-proclaimed greatness and clutter it with descriptive words such as visionary, world class, top notch, friendly etc.

Instead give the facts, figures and demonstrative examples that will encourage visitors to conclude your company is visionary, cutting-edge, etc. If you are just starting out and are still working to gain those solid factors, be honest with your visitors. Express your goals and aspirations and give them a chance to hop on board with you.

Embrace What You Are & Evolve With It

If you are a small company, don’t try to make out that you carry with you the weight of a large corporation. People will see through it and remember small start-ups are edgy and can benefit clients in a way that larger corporations cannot.

If you are a large corporation it is important to embrace this identity as well and capitalise on your rich history and track record.

Either way it is important to keep an up-to-date ‘About Us’ Page that accurately reflects the size and ability of your company. People respond well to companies that are candid and honest about who they are and what they can offer.

Say Cheese…But Not Cheesy.

Now be honest, when you flick open a web page what is the first thing you look at? The photos of course! Ever since we were kids, we have been attracted to the pictures that decorate our literature.

Even though it is crucial to have well written content it is equally important to adorn it with high quality images of your company and workers. Remember this is your opportunity to show who you are. Choose photos that reflect your company’s personality and remember when choosing photos for the rest of your site that stock photos are generally boring. It is worth investing in original photography to showcase your company and give potential customers a true feel for who you are.

To Sum It Up…

Just remember to be candid, honest and not too full of yourself; no matter what you have achieved. Give people valuable information that demonstrates who you are and explains where your company comes from, your current standing and where you want to go!

Make sure it is answering the 5 key questions of who, what, where, when and why? Your ‘About Us’ page is not a one off thing. It needs to be refined as your company evolves. Giving this little page some thought and time will benefit your company’s image and improve the impression you are giving to visitors considering your brand.
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