LinkedIn: The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Underdog

LinkedIn sure isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when people say ‘social media platform’ but it is definitely not one to be overlooked. Forget Facebook advertising – LinkedIn has recently released statistics stating that its usage is higher than ever, and that engagement with content on the site is on a daily level for almost half of its customers. What does this mean for you? This means LinkedIn is a key platform that you should be utilising for your brand’s digital marketing campaigns.

What Makes LinkedIn The Right Environment?

LinkedIn is a professional space – the audience that sees your posts is unique from other platforms’. It isn’t just every average Joe, these are people who are in positions of corporate power. 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers, and 40 million more are in a position to make important decisions. What’s more, LinkedIn is built with transparency around professional accomplishments and positions, so you know exactly who the people in power are.

LinkedIn’s transparent UI also means that people are aware that you are coming from an equally legitimate professional outlook, making posts that come from LinkedIn much more trustworthy than any other social media platform. As a result of this, 71% of people use the information they see on LinkedIn to inform important business decisions.

Engagement on LinkedIn is ‘Booming’

There are over 610 million members on LinkedIn in over 200 different countries. These numbers alone make it the largest professional network on the internet. Among LinkedIn’s members, statistics show that 40% of them visit every single day. On top of this, mobile usage is growing 57% per year and engagement statistics: the number of likes, shares, comments and views on feeds (i.e. engagement) is up 60% as well.

LinkedIn is a better platform than ever to be posting valuable content to, with over 130 thousand articles are being created on LinkedIn every week.

LinkedIn Marketing Generates Results

What sets LinkedIn apart from other social media platforms is that it encourages professionals to exchange powerful ideas and insights. This means that when people go on LinkedIn, they are in a mindset to engage with other businesses because they are ready to trust what you have to say.

71% of people on LinkedIn use the information they gather on the platform to inform business decisions, which is a huge percentage considering LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of members.

Almost half of all social media traffic to companies’ homepages comes from LinkedIn – it is much more likely to generate professional traffic back to your website than any other social platform. The trust that the platform builds for your business has the ability to generate qualified leads – great news for businesses from small to large alike.

How to Utilise LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a number of sophisticated ad formats which sets it apart from competitors such as Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn campaigns include sponsored content, display ads, text ads, and InMail which allows you to send ads directly into a person’s inbox.

While LinkedIn advertising is more expensive than other social media advertising platforms, it offers unique, sophisticated targeting tools. Within the platform, you have the ability to target industries, companies, positions, and qualifications. This makes LinkedIn arguably the best social platform for B2B marketing.

If you want to take advantage of all the platform has to offer, LinkedIn has just released an eBook for social media managers that outlines how to reach 1 million followers organically. It includes important content management tips such as how to maintain value and create consistently engaging content, as well as tips on how to use the platform to your advantage by staying active in comment threads and taking advantage of hashtags. All of these skills are valuable if you’re the social media manager for your brand, because you may think you understand social media, but LinkedIn is a whole new ball game.

Social Media Management with Pure SEO

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