Engagement Gets a Boost With Latest LinkedIn Updates

LinkedIn has introduced new features designed to cultivate greater engagement on the business-minded social media network. The new community features, which include updated posting options, invitations to follow, and live stream integration, are borrowing pages from the Facebook playbook, even as LinkedIn carves out a more distinct niche in the social media universe.

What are these new LinkedIn updates?

LinkedIn schedules new program updates to roll out every quarter. As usual, they announced the new LinkedIn features on Twitter.

Posting Options: Post as individual or organisation

LinkedIn users who manage a separate page for their business previously needed to visit their business page if they wanted to post as their organisation. Now, with their new option to post as a page or a member, users can toggle freely between their individual and organisation accounts, allowing them to post from their LinkedIn homepage.

Invitation to follow

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are constantly recommending new people and pages to expand your network. However, LinkedIn has lagged behind when allowing users to recommend pages to each other. This, in theory, is the most social function of a social media network. After all, you know your friends and connections better than the algorithms governing your social media experience.

The new LinkedIn update will allow users to invite connections to follow their pages. If pouring through page invites isn’t your cup of tea, however, don’t worry. LinkedIn will also give users the chance to opt-out of receiving invites.

LinkedIn Live

With LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn is joining the live streaming arms race. They seem to have paid close attention to the success that Facebook and Twitter have enjoyed with their live streaming functions before developing their own. In their overview of the new live-streaming functions, LinkedIn explains how LinkedIn Live will benefit their users.

In important metrics, live stream video outperforms native videos, earning seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments. This type of engagement can be massive in a professional network.

Additionally, LinkedIn has conducted trend analysis of the topics driving the most engagement on their platform. Topics such as corporate ethics, social responsibility discussions and themed in-office engagements such as costume parties or fashion shows make ideal content for live stream video.

LinkedIn Live will give users greater freedom to share their insights and allow organisation pages to offer behind-the-scenes content that will build deeper relationships with their connections.

Finally, LinkedIn has offered advice to users and organisations new to the live-streaming and eager to try out the latest LinkedIn update:

  • Attract employees with testimonials from current employees
  • Celebrate milestones to showcase your team’s progress
  • Demonstrate expertise with tutorials and other insights
  • Interview a guest to establish yourself as an authoritative resource within your industry
  • Promote an event to involve your connections in real-life engagements
  • Showcase innovation by shining a spotlight in your latest developments

LinkedIn remains a great way to expand your business network

With more than 50 million organisations around the world actively using their pages to connect with customers, leads, and employees, LinkedIn remains a valuable resource for New Zealand businesses. As one of the leading figures in digital marketing Auckland wide, Pure SEO know how to help Kiwi businesses grow their LinkedIn footprint through engaging content and paid LinkedIn marketing campaigns. Contact Pure SEO today to grow your connections list!

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