Measuring Marketing Results Made Easy via Google Analytics

Successful marketing comes from thorough campaign management and diligent strategy refinement. The only catch is you must have the correct data and feedback in order to conclude the benefit of chosen tactics and evaluate what vehicles seem to be generating the most attraction.

Since the age of digital marketing, the World Wide Web has introduced a fertile valley of marketing opportunities to companies with an extreme potential to increase brand awareness and generate leads. But it can be a waste of time and money if you neglect to analyse your success amongst these online platforms.

Don’t keep yourself in the dark merely hoping that your online efforts are paying off. Get to know how to use the tools available to gather the data in order to prove whether or not you are actually reaching your maximum potential.

The first step to understanding how to market your company is to get insight into how your target audience interacts online. Google Analytics has discovered that on average customers interact with a brand 4.3 times throughout a 48 hour time frame before making a final purchase.

Analytics also noted that conversions from mobile platforms has grown a whopping 180% over the last year and can be counted for 8% of all conversions. Check out the following tips to harnessing the power and insight Google Analytics can bring to your brand and business evaluation.


Use the Keyword Cloud: Keyword research and analysis can take a considerable amount of time when done right. Google Analytics’ Keyword Cloud makes this process significantly simpler by grouping tip keywords based on specific user-selected criteria. This includes bounce rates, visits, the number of pages per visit and more. The Keyword Cloud creates a visual ease and makes quick work of spotting trends and managing your keyword selection.

Get Data in Real-Time: There is no more waiting around for 24 hours to evaluate activity as it happens. Check out your page activity, top referrals and tap into what locations are generating most of your traffic. Use this real-time data tool to also be used to test campaign tracking before the campaign’s launch.

Speed Check: It has been proven that a one-second delay in website speed can reduce your conversion rate by 7%! Customers don’t like to be kept waiting so make sure your website it up to speed by using the Site Speed Google Analytics tool which is now available on standard GA with no additional required code.

Getting Social: Social Media is taking the internet by storm! Don’t underestimate the immense power of these community platforms when it comes to lead generation, brand awareness and engagement. You can now evaluate and track how site visitors engage socially with your brand. With Google Analytics you can determine how many visitors interacted with your business on the various social media platforms and view what pages spurred this social interaction.

Pinterest is quickly growing and taking the lead as one of the major social sites to prompt conversions and lead generation. Check if this is true for you by checking out your Google Analytics Referral Reports and Custom Reports. In these reports you can see how visits from Pinterest compare to the site average and see what the conversion rate is if you have an ecommerce site.

Going With the Flow: With Google Analytics Flow Visualization you can see how consumers flow through your site and whether or not you are losing customers due to the site construction. You can evaluate which pages are a consumer hit and which ones customers are getting turned off by. This is especially useful for evaluating the checkout process on ecommerce sites.

Funnel Multiple Channels: This brilliant feature tracks the user’s site interaction for 30 days before the conversion was made. This gives valuable insight to consumer behaviour so you can better tailor your site to your audience.


By engaging in these quick tips you can perform a solid website and marketing analysis you will find yourself able to evolve to meet your audience’s needs. It really only starts here though, when it comes to the extensive range of tools available to you via Google Analytics the tips are really just the tip of the iceberg. Take a dive into the rich analysis tools Google offers and use this insight to gain success.

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