New Tools and Algorithm Updates to Transform the LinkedIn Experience

Updates to how user posts are ranked and new tools to help pages drive leads should make for a noticeably different LinkedIn experience in the back half of 2019. The business-oriented social media platform is leaning into their professional bent by offering more relevant content and connections, as per their late June announcement.

So, what changes have LinkedIn made to their platform and how will they affect you?

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LinkedIn unveils new lead generation tools

LinkedIn now offers custom CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons, a new analytics dashboard, community hashtags, and mobile admin editing. These changes are designed to improve user experience and help professionals harness the power of LinkedIn’s massive network to generate leads.

New CTA buttons such as Contact us, Learn more, Visit website and others empower users to customise their presence on the platform. You can find these CTA buttons on the new and improved analytics dashboard.

Community hashtags are also a new function for LinkedIn and allow users to associate their pages with relevant hashtags. This enables users to connect directly with other pages within that hashtag community. LinkedIn’s new hashtag community effectively operates like a contained search engine, with pages optimised for specific keywords.

Finally, an increasing number of LinkedIn users are accessing their pages via mobile. Therefore, LinkedIn will now allow users to publish and respond to posts and edit their pages from their mobile device.

LinkedIn has updated its user feed algorithms

LinkedIn has updated its feed algorithms to rank content for users that more closely matches their professional interests. Director of product management Pete Davies announced these changes in an announcement last June. He said that your user feed would more closely reflect your own interests and would focus on content from the connections (people, pages, and hashtags) that you follow.

These new algorithms will key in on four primary signals. A user’s connections and recent interactions are the key indicators. The updates also consider past employers, professional partners, and users with shared interests or professional experience. Posts can receive a larger boost if they make savvy use of hashtags. These can be followed by other LinkedIn users.

Finally, LinkedIn is encouraging users to expand their reach through their timelines by publishing posts that encourage responses or invite discussion. Post about specialised subjects, use hashtags and respond to comments! Don’t be afraid to mention or tag people you’re certain would find the content interesting.

Generate more leads through LinkedIn

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