Organic Lead Generation: How SEO Directs Targeted Customers to Your Business

A well optimised website will generate high quality organic leads to your business and naturally expose you to customers that are actually looking for your business.

The beauty of organic lead generation through SEO is that it does not rely on funding for advertising or promotion, yet still has the potential to provide targeted customers online. Due to the content focused nature of organic lead generation, your website will be targeted to potential customers who are actually searching for your specific products or services.

An optimised website will pinpoint important keywords that potential clients are likely to search and raise your website to the top of search results for those targeted keywords. Good SEO is the golden ticket to get more web leads through organic lead generation, so take some of these basic SEO tips and get your website seen by your target audience with these simple SEO tips.

1. Think of links as the SEO ‘votes’ to build up your website popularity. It is imperative to have quality inbound links to your website. A good method of creating strong links to your website is by create intriguing original content that people will want to link to (known as link bait).

2. Using Google’s AdWords’ Keyword tool, select keywords that have a low competition level, high relevancy to your website/business and high search volume. When creating content for your page it is important to incorporate your keywords and add a mixture of synonyms and related words. Remember though, the content must read well and be compelling to your target audience.

3. Pay attention to the photos on your website. Make sure their alt tags are labelled with relative descriptions and not some random number and letter combination (for Google image search).

4. Don’t forget about social media. Social media networks have the potential to generate leads to your website and the strategic incorporation of social media tools into your website can enhance its optimisation.

5. Use analytics to assess the success of your SEO efforts and further examine how many leads have been generated organically.

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