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Google Places could be considered a heavy weight champion in the competitive SEO ring.

This simple tool can give your business a major leg up in Google’s search results if executed correctly. Businesses that don’t even rank in the first three pages in Google’s organic search results can still be displayed on the first page via Google Places.

Google Places aka Google Maps is the answer to get your company visible amongst local search inquiries. Does your business have a Google Places page, and are you using it to its maximum potential? Check out our 5 Google Places Tips infographic to learn how you can quickly get into the valuable top 3 Google Places spots and read on to get more details.

The first step to ranking well on Google Places is to make sure your Google Places profile is fully developed. Make sure you thoroughly fill out your Google places page and it is complete with photos, full descriptions, videos etc. This is how you will show the search engine and browsing potential customers what your business is all about.

Next make sure your website has got all its bits and pieces together such as making sure your physical address is on your website. Incorporating this as well as making sure your title tags and meta data are spruced up will help Google pick it out amongst other pages.

Following in suit of SEO, getting links to point to your website is key. Submit your website to the main data providers and make sure your business is listed on the most influential third party sites.

Urge your customers to give you a Google Places review. This will not only promote your business through WOM (Word of Mouth) to other browsing customers but Google will give you a better rating as well.

With the use of these methods you will harbour the exciting potential to be seen by local searchers on Google Places Results and generate leads. So go on and get placing!

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