Promote Yourself to Expose Your Business: Bringing Kiwis Together

Catching Kiwi’s – it’s not who you know, it’s where you go.

Setting up a business can be challenging. You can have the best product or service, but you still need to prove it to yourself by putting it on the market. We’ve found someone who can help you, and they’re called Catchakiwi.

Catchakiwi can help you take your business ideas straight through to success and will support you throughout the entire process. They give you a 24/7 opportunity to promote and advertise your products and services in an ongoing and loyal market – 365 days of the year.

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Who are they? A team of committed positive and successful people who are working together to provide a platform for members to access the skill support they need to succeed. They help and mentor businesses, often home-based ventures. The ways in which they can help you are many and varied.

The website allows you and the public to browse through and use information from the categories below:

Listings provide your very own editable page, a photo, a 500 character business description, a safe way to communicate via an internal email system and direct links to your website, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Browse through the many categories, Business Support, Education, Home and Garden, Manufacturing and Wholesale, Markets, Personal Care, Shopping, Trade and Services, and more.
Noticeboards show your public messages. They may be items for sale or wanted to buy, car vacancies (driving somewhere and having room in your car for others) or you can announce community events, garage sales, almost anything you need advertised – advertise it here!
Articles encourage you to share and browse written articles with community members. Here are some of the titles written by Catchakiwi members.
‘What Does a Home Handyman Really Do?’

Steve Radburn, Handyman, Kapiti

‘Healthy Eating Over the Festive Season’

Amanda Johnson, Kiwi Nutrition, Kapiti

‘Creating an Employee Brand for Your Business’

Rob McTague, Skillmasters, Wellington

‘To do Lists’

Ros Annala, Licensed Unity Teacher, Lower Hutt

‘Bought a New Car? The Role of an Auto Detailer’

Craig Dias, Final Touch, Wellington

Forum is an open place for you to discuss your favourite topic anytime with other Catchakiwi members. Starting a Business, Tutorials, Catchakiwi News and Education are just some of the many topics.
Catchakiwi team members are skilled and willing to help with marketing and promotion, designing layouts, advising growth planning and writing publicity essentials, from brochures and fliers to banners and bumper stickers.

It’s a place that strengthens a community’s self-sufficiency, allowing person to person contact, rather than person to large company contact, and it brings communities closer together as a result. Catchakiwi brings you together with one easy to use website. It’s free to join and list your business.

If you have skills to offer but need customers, or if you’re a customer looking for someone with the right skills, Catchakiwi is there to help.

What are you waiting for – let’s go! www.catchakiwi.co.nz

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