Pure Seo Is A Winner Of The Google Engage All Stars Competition!

A big pat on the back for the Pure SEO team – we have been announced as a winner of the Google Engage All Stars competition! This means I am being whisked off to the Googleplex in San Francisco for an action-packed few days with other winners from across the globe.

Google has been running an event-based programme for agencies called Google Engage, which has been great at informing New Zealand agencies about all the latest features and advancements of Google products, as well as industry news and statistics.

I was on the expert panel at the last Google Engage event, and was asked to speak about how to grow and market a digital agency. For my efforts I got a ‘certificate of awesomeness’ from Google! (Awesome :-))

Recent algorithm updates have done crazy things for many websites, including lots in New Zealand. The most recent ‘big’ algorithm update was called Penguin 2.0 (22 May 2013).

This affected lots of small/medium businesses that had been doing unethical link-building. What is unethical link-building? Read this great article to find out what Google considers to be spam:


We have picked up lots of clients recently who have had ‘unethical’ link-building affect their websites.

Our job has been to identify those offending links and to disavow them via Google’s disavow too. Watch this space to see how quickly we can get them back ranking.

Make sure you keep up to date with this blog to hear what happens at the Googleplex… so excited!

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