Pure SEO Once Again in the Deloitte Fast 500

At Pure SEO, we are proud to be a centre of learning and growth for both our clients and our team, and we place a huge emphasis on evolving to match the constant movement of the digital media and technology sectors. While awards are not what we ultimately strive for, they give us an indicator that we are headed in the right direction, and our list over the past few years has grown steadily.

Last night, the night of March 11th 2019, we added one more award to that awards list. Or rather, the same award for the sixth time. We found ourselves once again as part of the Deloitte Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500 Index, the preeminent technology awards program across Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Our Watch Words: Growth and Acceleration

We are proud to say that Pure SEO is the first company to feature in the Deloitte Fast 500 Index six times in a row, cementing our company as one that exemplifies constant growth, evolution, and learning. The success of Pure SEO as a technology and media company cannot be denied. Since founding the company, founder and CEO Richard Conway has placed an emphasis on creating a fast-growing learning environment for every employee. It’s that focus on growth that’s kept us at the top of the Asian-Pacific media and technology sector.

Between 2015 and 2017 Pure SEO demonstrated a 103% growth spurt, which trumped the 83% growth we demonstrated between 2014 and 2016 that prompted our 5th Deloitte Award. After nine years in the technology game, we still know how to keep ahead of our biggest competition: ourselves.

Over the past year we have seen our founder Richard write and release his new book, “How to Get to the Top of the Google Search: A Practical SEO Guide”, focusing on offering useful tips for those wanting to understand the basics of SEO. Combined with the presentation of the Deloitte Fast Award, this creates a continued awareness for the company and increases our presence and relevance in the technology-media industry beyond what it already was.

A line-up of certificates for the Deloitte Fast 500 Award, addressed to Pure SEO.

Pure SEO: Not Just Surviving, But Thriving

…it is companies such as these that will likely be key forces behind economic growth in Asia Pacific for years to come.

– Deloitte

Deloitte awards companies based on their ability to continually thrive, and we’re proud to be recognised among other top companies for these qualities. We will continue to strive as we have been to be the best in not just SEO, but in understanding the digital media marketplace within the country.

From when he was a one-man band all the way up until now, Richard has understood the value of loving what you do and doing what you love. It’s that approach to working that makes coming into the office in the morning more of a passion than an obligation. It prompts the same goals in all of us to research new ways to keep our clients top of mind, top of market, and on top of the Google Search.

Congrats team! Let’s try for seven!

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Courtney-Dale Nel

Courtney is a Content Writer on the Pure SEO team. They have a Bachelor in Behavioural Psychology, way too much experience working with pigeons, and a fondness for nachos that rivals most marriages.

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