Richard Conway Receives Gold at IAB Awards for Service to the Industry

Richard Conway, CEO of Pure SEO, received the prestigious Gold Award for Service to the Industry at this year’s IAB New Zealand Awards.

The IAB New Zealand Digital Advertising Awards is an exceptional celebration of industry leadership and innovation. The awards night, taking place at the Auckland War Memorial Museum on Thursday, 2 November, was attended by nationwide finalists and luminaries of the New Zealand business community.

Presented to Conway by James Hole (acting Senior Director at Warner Bros. Discovery), The Service to the Industry Grand Award recognises outstanding commitment and contribution to New Zealand’s digital marketing landscape.

Richard shared that receiving the award was a very emotional moment for him. “I had Emily [wife], Ethan [son], Tony Falkenstein, and Heather Falkenstein—people that I love and respect—and over 20 of the Pure family cheering me on.” He attributed the award to his loved ones and team, “It’s not me; it’s everyone behind me”.

Conway shared the core values driving both him and Pure SEO. “As a person and a company, our ‘why’ is trust. We will always do the right thing… because it’s the right thing to do! I have never believed in following; the only way to make waves is to surround yourself with people far smarter than yourself and lead together.”

Under Conway’s visionary leadership, Pure SEO has been a frontrunner in digital marketing, fostering innovation and trust as cornerstones of its operation. This award highlights the company’s unyielding commitment to these principles.

With 2024 approaching, Pure SEO is primed for a thrilling year. In a post following the awards night, Conway hinted at the exciting direction the company is set to explore. “With the help of Peter Mangin, Britney Muller, Dallas Rabot, Prabin Yonzon, Sara Aljurani, Sanket Surwade, Thane Kettle, and Anna Emery, we are in the process of shaking up the search industry in New Zealand by developing a new product incorporating AI and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.”

This latest achievement for Conway and Pure SEO signals a future where innovation and integrity continue to lead the industry. “Watch this space…” Conway invites all to anticipate the future waves that Pure SEO looks to make.

Note* This press release was originally published by M+AD Daily. For further details, please refer to the original article on the respective website.

First published November 7, 2023.

Amanda Middeldorp

Amanda serves as the Marketing Manager at Pure SEO. She thrives on crafting marketing content and collaborating seamlessly with the team to drive successful marketing initiatives. With expertise in SEO copywriting and content creation, she's worked with clients across various sectors and loves creating creative, relatable content for marketing. Beyond her professional role, Amanda is passionate about mental health, family, travel, and continuous learning.

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