Running Low on Creative Juice? Get Some Social Inspiration & Make It Big

This is not a 10 step beginner’s guide to how to better your Facebook page. This is a calling for all creative marketers who have or would like to inspire a social movement through strategic campaigns using social platforms.


In this digital day in age we are constantly faced with an information overload and have built up metal filter to identify what is actually worth paying attention to. This has posed a challenge for companies that are trying to break through the noise to be heard and seen by their audience.

Too many companies are wasting time on Facebook and other social mediums by merely running a couple ads to gain an initial attraction and attempting to keep them engaged with the occasional cheeky post. If you are looking to cause some serious social movement and get some viral notoriety it may be time to consider launching a full blown campaign via Facebook.

success goals


To stand out, you will need something that catches people off guard, gets them excited and plays with those emotional strings. When working with social media, success boils down to an established plan with tangible goals and a whole lot of creativity to fuel it.

Looking for more specific examples? We would like to introduce you to Facebook Studio. Facebook Studio claims to be ‘A New Way of Marketing Requires a New Kind of Creativity’ and the results have proven this to be true.

The Studio is where marketers go to show off their creative ability and submit their most successful Facebook marketing campaigns to be featured and showcased to the world. Whether you are convinced you have achieved the best Facebook campaign this century has seen or need some fresh inspiration, visit http://www.facebook-studio.com/ and take advantage of this resource built on innovation and success.




No matter what type of company you have, we bet there is a creative marketing solution somewhere sleeping deep inside waiting to be woken if it isn’t already raising heads. We now challenge you to step up to the competition and try your hand at a campaign worthy of a Facebook Studio Award!

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