Top Tip Tuesday – How Remarketing Can Help Conversion Rates

Have you ever visited a website and after you’ve left you’ve felt like you’re getting harassed by images popping up all over the place? You have Google AdWords remarketing to thank for that.

Remarketing with Google AdWords can be a great way to keep your brand, products or services top of mind for people who have already demonstrated an interest in your website. Sukh explains more in today’s Top Tip Tuesday video.

How Display Remarketing Works

Display remarketing uses the concept of cookies to track who visits your website and allow you to continue displaying your marketing message to them after they leave. The idea is that people who have visited your website have shown an interest in what you have to offer and are thus highly qualified leads. By spending more of your marketing budget targetting these people, you can expect to see higher conversion rates than if you were just targetting everybody.

For example, let’s say I visit your e-commerce site, choose a couple products to add to my cart and then leave without checking out and completing my purchase. Perhaps I had second thoughts about buying, or I just got distracted by something else. With remarketing, you can set your display ads to follow me as I continue surfing around the web, with tailored messages about the products I was interested in buying. By continually being reminded of your product offering, I am far more likely to change my mind, click on one of your display ads and complete my purchase.

Display remarketing can work just as well for non-ecommerce or service-based websites. If you’ve never tried it before, get in contact with us today to discuss how this might be a good fit for your business.

Rachel Matela

Rachel is a Filipino Kiwi with a passion for the arts. Having graduated with an Arts Degree in English from UoA, she found writing work at PureSEO as a Junior Copywriter and quickly moved on to the role of Editor. In her spare time, she reads Austen and teaches dance classes in the weekend.

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