This Week in Search: iOS Apps and Bing Ads

Pure SEO’s This Week In Search series takes a look at the top SEO and SEM news stories from the week.

This week Google updated their iOS apps and Bing Ads helped advertisers.

Bing Ads Reveal Remarketing Bid Adjustment Suggestions

Bing Ads has added suggestions for remarketing bid adjustments based on CPA (cost per acquisition) data on the Opportunities Tab. The suggestions are based on historical ad performance data and is available on the web interface.

To make use of remarketing lists, users will need to set up Bing Ads’ UET tag on their existing website and then set up conversion goals associated with their audiences in Bing Ads. The UET tag tracks conversions and helps Bing Ads retarget lists.

Youtube Introduces Live Stream for iOS

YouTube users can now live stream screens. Google has updated its YouTube app for iOS, using Apple’s ReplayKit API to make this new feature a possibility. Now, verified YouTube users with no streaming restrictions can share their screens in real time on iPhone and iPad screens.

Users can also use their device microphone and front facing camera to add commentary whilst streaming. If required, moderators can manage rooms and comments can be withheld until approved.

Google Reveals Top ‘How To’ Searches

The Google Trends team have compiled data on the most popular ‘how to’ searches between 2004-2017. This information can be found in their recent blog post, as well as a new website that visualizes this data.

The team have broken down the data by geographic location, so those who are curious can visit the site, click on a drop down list of countries and see the most popular searches in a specific area.

Searches that begin with ‘how to’ have grown by 140% in the last 13 years and is continuing to rise. Google has discovered that ‘how to fix’ searches are among the most popular.

From their data, Google has revealed the top 10 ‘how to’ searches globally:

  1. How to tie a tie
  2. How to kiss
  3. How to get pregnant
  4. How to lost weight
  5. How to draw
  6. How to make money
  7. How to make pancakes
  8. How to write a cover letter
  9. How to make French toast
  10. How to lose belly fat

Google is Offering a Mobile Web Developer Certification for $99

Calling all web developers who want to be validated by Google: the search giant is offering a mobile web developer certification for $99. Those who wish to sit the exam will receive a study guide and three attempts to pass the exam.

Those who pass the exam will be rewarded with an electronic badge which can be showcased on a resume, a website or online profiles such as LinkedIn. The other benefit of this certification is that those looking for mobile web developers will be able to search for Google certified people.

Google Introduces Trending Searches and Instant Answers to iOS

Google has introduced trending searches and instant answers to its iOS app. Users simply need to tap on the search bar to view trending searches. Tap on one of these trending searches and Google will conduct the search automatically, providing an instant answer underneath the search. This feature was originally exclusive to Android.

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