This Week in Search: New Features Galore from Google, YouTube, Bing and LinkedIn

Pure SEO’s This Week In Search series takes a look at the top SEO and SEM news stories from the week.

This week, Google, YouTube, Bing, and LinkedIn launched some exciting new features on their respective marketing platforms. Check them out below!

Google Upgrades Movie Search Experience

This is one is for the movie buffs and casual moviegoers alike. Google has upgraded the movie search experience, expanding the movie search card with useful new features such as reviews from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, and shortcuts to buying tickets from participating cinemas.

By simply searching “showtimes” or “movies”, Google displays films showing near you. Clicking on one of the listed movies pulls up a wealth of relevant information, including different theatre showtimes, locations, cast, reviews, and even trailer videos. When applicable, tapping on your desired showtime lets you buy tickets.

This feature is currently only available on Android’s Google app and on Google Search in mobile browsers in the U.S. and in India, and will soon be available on browser and iOS.

YouTube Introduces Reach-Based Ads

“TrueView for Reach” was recently introduced by YouTube as their newest TrueView ad model. It promises to be a more advertiser-friendly and cost-effective YouTube ad solution, allowing advertisers to buy ads based on the total number of people that are reached.

TrueView for reach brings our popular in-stream format built on user choice together with the simplicity of CPM buying. Optimized for efficient reach, this format can help you to raise awareness among a broad set of customers.
– Google announcement

There are now three TrueView options based on different campaign objectives: TrueView for Views, TrueView for Action, and TrueView for Reach. Read the official announcement for beta test results and more.

Bing Provides Ad Price Extensions

This week, Bing announced a new form ad extension that allows advertisers to directly show products and services and their prices on Bing Search results. Clicks on Price Extensions link directly to ecommerce websites or third-party stores such as Amazon.

Price Extensions are currently available only in the US but will roll out internationally this month to all countries except China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, supporting a variety of languages and currencies.

LinkedIn Announces Video for Ads and Company Pages

Video content has finally come to LinkedIn as the company goes all-in on launching B2B video for sponsored content and company pages.

Video sponsored content can now be found on news feeds as standalone posts, integrating call to action buttons and the new Lead Gen Forms product. This LinkedIn advertising product also has specialised targeting capabilities, allowing marketers to find audiences with traits such as job titles, seniority, company name, industry, skills, and more.

Company Page videos allow publishers to showcase video content on their respective company pages. LinkedIn has noted that these videos are 5x more likely to start conversation among members.

Within the next few weeks, Video for Sponsored Content and Company Pages will be available to all business on LinkedIn.

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