Top Tip Tuesday – Considerations When Link Building

Broadly, SEO can be broken up into on-page and off-page strategies. On-page SEO refers to things like content relevancy and the way your website is constructed. Off-page SEO refers to strategies that increase the number of backlinks pointing toward your domain. This practice is commonly known as link building.

In today’s Top Tip Tuesday video, Nathan explains why link building is important and how a single link from an authoritative website can be a lot more effective than several links from less credible sources.

Link Building Factors To Keep In Mind

Here are some factors you should keep in mind to increase the effectiveness of your link building efforts.

  1. Quality Content:
  2. Good, relevant and appropriate content will improve your site’s organic visibility. Try to incorporate your target keywords into your content naturally and appropriately. In particular, it is important to include keywords in your page URL, title tag, meta description and body content.

  3. Domain Authority of Source:
  4. The higher the domain authority of a source (website), the higher is the value of a link. For example, newspapers and magazine websites with years of history and reputation will have a much higher domain authority compared a new student magazine start up. In fact, low authority sources can actually reduce the authority of your site. Therefore, it is important to maintain a backlink profile that includes plenty of authoritative sources and constantly make an effort to get higher authority sources.

  5. Anchor Text:
  6. Anchor text is the clickable text that contains your hyperlink. When link building, try to use whichever keywords you are trying to rank for as your anchor text. This practice signals to Google that the destination web page is about those keywords. However, excessive keyword stuffing can be penalised by Google, so try to keep your anchor text keywords looking as natural and relevant as possible.

Rachel Matela

Rachel is a Filipino Kiwi with a passion for the arts. Having graduated with an Arts Degree in English from UoA, she found writing work at PureSEO as a Junior Copywriter and quickly moved on to the role of Editor. In her spare time, she reads Austen and teaches dance classes in the weekend.

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