The Latest Facebook Statistics in 2017

The third fiscal quarter has just passed and Facebook has updated its quarterly earnings for 2017. Despite the growing number of alternative social media sites, Facebook remains popular with over 1.36 billion active daily users.

From the second quarter to the third quarter of 2017, the Asia-Pacific daily active users has grown from 756 million to 794 million users. Businesses have identified this growth and advertising revenues have increased as well. There are over 65 million businesses with Pages and 8 million with profiles on Instagram. Of those 65 million, 5 million are active advertisers on Facebook.

Gender bias?

fb usage stats 2017

Research suggests that there are more males than females on Facebook. However, upon further inspection, many of the male profiles in the 18-year-old age bracket show that apparently there are more 18-year-old males on Facebook than there are 18-year-old males alive today (source: thenextweb). Thus, the accuracy of gender and age demographics for Facebook are hard to pin down.

In saying that, it’s uncommon to meet someone who doesn’t have a Facebook profile. But younger generations seem to be drawn towards newer apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and Music.ly.

Top Facebook Pages in New Zealand

popular new zealand facebook pages

The most popular brand Facebook Pages in New Zealand are large companies with extensive marketing campaigns. However, this isn’t something to be disheartened by. By following the tactics relevant to your business you can grow your audience too.

facebook stats 2017

(source: socialbakers)

Video is dominating Facebook in New Zealand and across the world. Users want fast, interesting and informative clips to watch on their newsfeed. Facebook has been focusing on video content that is on their platform. This is why when you share a YouTube video, it no longer plays within Facebook. Visual content is where it’s at when it comes to having a popular Facebook post.

Facebook released Live videos onto the platform back in April 2016. Since then, it’s been a dream for engagement, with users commenting on videos at 10x the rate of regular videos (source: mediakix). It opens up the channels for brands, celebrities and influencers to talk to their audience and answer questions in real time. People spend more 3x more time watching a Live video compared to a video that’s no longer live (source: Facebook).

Facebook chatbot ebay

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence is on the 10-year road map for Facebook’s services goals. Things like chatbots where you can browse, order and pay for products are being developed as we speak. Now you can even talk to an Ebay bot and browse items through Messenger! Check out the other Facebook chatbots available here.

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