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Getting to know someone has stretched beyond simply grabbing a cup of coffee and chatting about interests. The digital revolution has given us tools to see into a person’s past, and let’s be honest – who hasn’t taken a sneak peak at a new friend or employee via a quick Google search or some friendly “Facebook-stalking”.

But sadly, not all our best moments are showcased online and the top search results that Google pulls up may be less than favourable.


Norton, a leader in providing valuable information and solutions regarding anti-viral protection, has recently taken a step towards providing temporary personal identity protection as well.

Their newly released program, Norton Top Search, used Google AdWords to achieve this and has limited this to up to 5 clicks for each keyword. To protect your online identity you fill out a simple form that allows you to choose which URL you would like to pop up when your name is searched. You then verify your identity via Facebook and your desired results will be on their way to the top of search results.

Using such a technique to manage your personal online reputation can be an appealing solution. Some are still sceptical to how successful it will actually be and the validity of the practice. Check out the video below to discover more about Norton Top Search and share your thoughts on this spin to search management.

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