The David Awards Are Back for 2019

After a year in hiatus, the David Awards are back for 2019. This announcement couldn’t be met with more joy around the Pure SEO office. As a business that knows what it’s like to start off very small and work our way upwards, we understand the important role that awards such as The Davids can have towards kicking momentum into gear for businesses to grow.

About the David Awards

The David Awards are a set of awards for small New Zealand businesses that are making a difference in their communities and to this country’s landscape. They exist because small businesses seldom get the recognition they deserve in a country with a huge commercial landscape. Bigger companies simply have far more resources to utilise. This makes the David Awards a great opportunity for small New Zealand businesses to get their name out there.

Entrepreneurship is a massive sector in New Zealand. The Davids aims to give some recognition to the ‘unsung heroes’ of entrepreneurship who are doing courageous things and showcasing the best of that good ol’ Kiwi ingenuity.

Who Can Enter The Awards?

The Davids keep their entrants strictly limited to New Zealand owned small businesses with no more than 10 employees. This is important as it gives the little guys a fair chance. Their website boasts having one of the simplest entry processes for business awards in the country. They have done this intentionally because they understand that a majority of their entrants are too busy to spend a lot of time on an entry.

To enter, all it takes really is showing passion for your business. You can enter in up to three categories, and for each, there is simply a list of questions you will be required to answer. The judges then will take each entry case-by-case, rather than looking at an overall criterion as they understand that each business’s measure of excellence is unique.

There are a few different awards a small business can hope to win. These include Most Outstanding categories for both ‘fledgling’ and ‘established’ businesses, which are categorised by the number of years they have been trading for. There is also a category for Most Innovative Business, Most Community-Minded Business, and of course a People’s Choice category as well.

All these different awards are set up so that they can best showcase the sheer scope of entrepreneurship that New Zealand has to offer. There’s a heck of a lot of small businesses in this country, and they are all doing great things in so many different areas.

Benefits of Entering The David Awards

Many past entrants say that just entering The Davids alone is a great opportunity for businesses to take a step back and observe just how far they’ve come. We live in an environment where businesses have to be constantly looking to the future; to what’s next. Business never stops being busy and fast-paced. At times like these, it can be beneficial to pause, reflect, and congratulate ourselves for a job well done.

The process of entering The Davids requires business owners to look at their business from an outside perspective. It requires them to look at their strategy and emphasise their strengths. Thinking holistically about these things can be incredibly beneficial and even confidence boosting for businesses.

Having said this, we all love a good prize, and the Davids has some sweet prizes up for grabs. For starters, all entrants receive a Davids Awards Entrant Sticker to place on their website. This is something we know all too well to be incredibly beneficial for driving leads and gaining trust. Finalists and Category Winners will receive their own stickers to showcase their achievements. All entrants also receive valuable feedback from The Davids panel of esteemed judges.

Finalists and winners will receive the added benefits of having their names published on The David Awards website, a 6-month subscription to NZBusiness Magazine, and plenty of valuable recognition through the extensive media associated with the awards. Category winners receive all of this plus a year of free web hosting through their sponsor, Website World.

In addition to all of the prizes available to category winners, The Davids will announce a Supreme Winner. The winning business will receive a trophy for all their hard work, as well as a free SEO Audit from – you guessed it – the SEO experts here at Pure SEO.

Our Partnership with The Davids

This brings us to our partnership with the David Awards. Being a sponsor of The David Awards makes us very, very proud. We believe that what they do for small businesses is incredibly commendable. When we heard that there was no David Awards in 2018, we knew that something had to be done to keep these awards going.

Since winning our own David Award in 2013, we understand the value that this kind of recognition can bring. Pure SEO would not be where it is today without the momentum that came with our win. The Supreme Award gave us the push we needed to grow and thrive as a business.

The David Awards – Heroes in Small Business

We highly recommend The David Awards for any small business who has the passion and drive to show what it takes. It is an amazing opportunity in this landscape of competitive entrepreneurship. And who knows, you may even win yourself an SEO Audit for free!

Are you a David? Enter today!

The Pure SEO Team

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