The Glass Frontier

Google Glass is the next generation smart gadget to hit the international markets, leading the innovative pathway of smartphones and tablets past another technological milestone.

Many NZ companies are just beginning to optimise their web presence for search engines, and while only few have successfully tackled SEO for mobile devices thus far, the upcoming launch of Google Glass adds yet another brand new dimension to search engine optimisation. As Rob Garner of Advice Interactive put it, businesses will no longer “optimise for search engines, but optimise for the experience” (see link at the bottom of this article for full interview).

That experience is vastly different from desktop and mobile screen browsing; it creates a novel user interaction beyond that of traditional responsive web design. The existing ‘Google now’ feature is becoming the intelligence engine behind Glass app design and functionalities by lending its timeline and card features. If you are interested in learning more about ‘Google now’, check out the link to their pages.

SEO Challenges with Glass

In regards to search engines and SEO strategy, screen visibility in Glass is largely limited to the No.1 result per keyword that pops up instantly by voice command, unlike computer and hand-held device screens that always display a number of top results per page. Another main evolvement from purely content-based searches will be the element of local experience.

Local businesses “need to have their signals in order”, says Garner. A simple address line plus contact details will no longer suffice in an environment where Glass users will be looking to virtually browse through a store’s inventory as they approach it, or to be directed towards scenic photo-ops as they weave through traffic on bikes. Every business will have to redefine their unique value within a local context in order to adopt optimisation strategies Glass can properly augment.

Pure SEO will be leading the way to successful Glass SEO strategy in New Zealand and we will confront and discuss ground-breaking SEO ideas and opportunities in the coming months. Companies and individuals based in the US are invited to try Glass as part of the ‘Glass Explorer Program’. It is not currently known when the programme rolls out for NZ residents, but we will keep you in the loop about any developments.

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