The New Beta Google Analytics Interface

Every website owner should have Google Analytics installed on their website – it provides lots of useful information, and it’s free! To install Analytics a small piece of code has to be added to every page of your website – this should be a very quick job for your website developer. Once this is done, Google Analytics provides a all the statistical information a website owner need to make informed decisions.

This week, Google Analytics has had a facelift. Google have upgraded the old look and feel of Analytics to a new style. The new look has many features that are sure to please webmasters who use this tool. One of the most innovative new features is called Flow Visualization.

Users have registered frustrations about being unable to track where their visitors are going once they reach their
sites. Flow Visualization allows Google Analytics users to track where visitors go across different pages. They can now track these movements graphically. Intelligence algorithms allow visual graphs to be constructed that show the pages that visitors reach one after another.

River, NEW

Another feature recently launched is Google Analytics Real-Time. This feature changes Google Analytics from being a past-only tool to being able to display site changes in real time. This allows users to measure the effects of their efforts and see how their site changes.

Social media experiments can now be done in real time, allowing users to see how their Facebook or Twitter campaigns match up against more traditional advertising avenues. Google Analytics Real-Time enables a user to take advantage of sudden opportunities and repair unexpected problems. A slew of new visitors in the past few minutes can be tracked as they move through the site

The new features at Google Analytics will help users take their sites to new levels of profitability. AdSense campaigns can be conducted in real-time, tracking the effects of new advertisements. Visitor flow can be visually graphed, eliminating headaches from manually tracking where visitors go page-by-page. Google Analytics has received a major upgrade, matching the changing speed and nature of the Internet.

Flow Visualization Screenshots

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