This Week in Search: New Tools and Extra Information

Pure SEO’s This Week In Search series takes a look at the top SEO and SEM news stories from the week.

This week LinkedIn works on a new tool, Facebook provides useful information, AdWords helps advertisers, Bing Ads maximizes clicks and Google’s acquisition costs keep climbing.

LinkedIn is Working on a Recruitment Tool

The popular networking site LinkedIn is working on a recruitment tool called Talent Insights, to help companies hire and manage people through data-backed decisions.

LinkedIn has access to a deep pool of global datasets, and Talent Insights aims to assist recruiters in making more strategic and intelligent decisions when it comes to building and maintaining a team of staff.

Talent Insights will provide a self-serve access to two key reports: Talent Pool Report and Company Report. These reports are said to inform immediate and long-term hiring and managing decisions. To read more about this new tool, read the full article here.

Facebook’s News Feed to Provide Extra Information About Article Sources

In an attempt to make it easier for people to engage with stories they find credible, Facebook is going to start providing extra information about publishers.

Facebook is testing out a new ‘i’ button that is displayed when links to articles are shared on a news feed. Tapping on this button will unveil additional information about the publisher.

Information is sourced from Facebook, and third parties like Wikipedia. There will also be a button to follow the publisher on Facebook, and trending and related articles will be shown, as well as how others are sharing the article on Facebook.

AdWords Introduces New Interface to Advertisers

The new AdWords interface was first unveiled last year, but now it is available to all advertisers. The new experience includes features for data visualization, a faster load speed of account data and new reports and controls.

There is also a ‘Landing Pages’ page that provides new ways to monitor performance, and call bid adjustments that gives advertisers the power to control how often a call option appears in an ad. At present, advertisers can choose between the old and new interface.

Bing Ads Wants to Maximize Clicks with an Automated Bid Strategy

Now, Bing Ads can automatically manage keyword bids to try and generate the most clicks possible within a given budget. The new automated bid strategy aims to help advertisers achieve their goals.

Advertisers can use the ‘Maximize Clicks‘ feature by selecting it under the ‘Bid Strategy Type’ drop-down under ‘Settings’.  They can set a maximum bid number and maintain manual bid controls for certain ad groups and/or keywords in a campaign that is set to Maximize Clicks.

Bing Ads recommends letting the Maximize Clicks strategy run for at least 30 days, so the algorithm has time to learn and gain efficiency before making any changes.

Google’s Acquisition Costs Makes Investors Anxious

Google’s traffic acquisition costs have been rising, and this is making investors wring their hands. When Google’s revenue grows, the money it pays to partners and distributors grows with it, and investors are worried this will squeeze margins and make Google less profitable.

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