Top 5 SEO Tips For Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the Internet have helped to level the playing field for small businesses around the globe. Unfortunately, many small businesses do not have a general marketing budget, and therefore cannot afford to spend a lot of money working on their search engine rankings.

Top 5 SEO tips for small business content

Here are a few useful small business SEO tips that can be implemented by small businesses to assist their rankings:


Search engines love content – the more content that you can add to your website, the better. An analogy that I like to use is: ‘fish and a fishing pole’ when explaining how text-heavy sites often outrank thin e-commerce sites. I like to call searchers ‘fish’ and each word on the page an additional ‘fishing rod’ in the water. The more text you have on a website, the more searchers you are likely to ‘catch’.

It is important that the content added to your site is unique; a good strategy to increase content is to add a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page which you can update regularly, or, better yet – start a blog which you post to frequently.


Customers often like to see a personal touch and your opinions. Make your personal knowledge on your subject known – this will help you become an authority in the eyes of a searcher/potential customer. Again, using a blog will help here.


Optimising for local search is crucial. There are many ways to do this. One such way is to incorporate geographical terms in your on-page optimisation (for instance, your city name in the META title and H1 tags). The other relatively simple option is to register with Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local – this allows people to find your business through map searches and so on.

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As stated in a previous post, Google now incorporates a website’s loading speed in its algorithm. Use the tools highlighted in the previous post to check and improve your website’s loading speed.

Top 5 SEO tips Website Speed


Write a press release for local online media outlets (and offline). Make sure that you have links (with anchor text) back to your website. This can be of crucial importance – one of my recent press releases has led to a pitch for one of the country’s largest organisations – Simple yet elegant, these techniques will go towards maximising your site traffic.

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