What are the Advantages of Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?

There are numerous variables to consider when putting an AdWords campaign together but the standouts are; what’s being searched for, what time is it being searched for, what device is it being searched on and from where is it being searched from.

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns address these factors while at the same time allowing for organized account structure.

A few of the key changes made in Enhanced Campaigns include:

• Campaigns will run across all devices
• Mobile bids will be adjusted at the campaign level
• Tablet bidding will be aligned with desktop
• Mobile bids are fully controlled by advertisers
• Location bid adjustments can be made from within single campaigns (no need for separate campaigns to split budget for locations)
• Scheduled sitelink extensions from within single campaigns
• Sitelink management and reporting interface

Enhanced Campaigns make for more specific targeting which, when used correctly, lead for higher conversion rates and ROI. Not only that, they also make for good housekeeping with tidier campaigns that are easier to manage and are much more efficient to analyse, which currently can become cumbersome over large accounts.

Another advantage of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns is that they allow you to target mobile and non-mobile devices from within the same campaign while still being able to optimise specifically for mobile.

You can increase or decrease your bids on mobile devices as a percentage of desktop bid allowing for better control of spend depending on whether mobile or non-mobile devices convert better for a particular offering. For example, if you’re advertising an app and would rather your ads appear on mobile devices only, a low bid for desktop and an adjustment of +400% for mobile would suit.

If you’re still creating your AdWords Campaigns in Legacy format, it’s probably a good idea to start having a play around with the Enhanced Campaign settings so you can familiarise yourself with not only the different aspects of the interface but also the way that you can now structure your campaigns.

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