What Can Your SEO Agency Do That You Can’t?

Every business wants to rank on the front page of Google. After all, your position on search results pages is not dissimilar to the location of your shopfront. That busy city street corner is going to yield a lot more foot traffic than a quiet suburb on the outskirts of town. Landing such prime real estate, however, is going to require more than a little time, effort, and money. What’s more, every business just like yours will be after that location as well, so competition is fierce.

Search results work the same way. Securing your place on the first page of Google will yield a lot more clicks through to your website, but not without investment and hard work. Competition for top search rankings is just as fierce as it is in real estate. Therefore, someone in your corner who knows the business can give you a major advantage.

Think of your SEO agency or specialist as your business’s search engine real estate agent. Below, we look at some of the aspects of SEO you simply can’t access without that professional know-how.


Mastery of SEO Tools

Hundreds of powerful tools are available today to perform many of the core functions of SEO, from scouring your site for technical issues and 404s to competitor analysis and keyword research. Many of these tools are available in a limited but effective capacity for free.

However, an extensive suite of tools does not an SEO strategy make! After all, if 11 people are using an expensive tool guaranteeing a first-page ranking for a page with only 10 results, someone will have spent a lot of money with nothing to show for it. Besides, SEO tools provide raw data and information, not optimisation. Any changes that need to be made, whether that’s on your site or not, must still come from knowledge and insight.

The difference is in how these tools are wielded. SEO professionals are proficient with these tools, have gained the experience to maximise the information the tools provide, and have tried and tested different strategies on different websites to get results.


Asking the Right Questions

You won’t find what you need if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The truth is, while search engine optimisation is largely based on data, much of it is contextual. Every website is different. Industry, location, market niche, brand persona, and countless other variables combine to make the SEO needs of your site totally unique.

Experience with numerous other sites is one of the biggest advantages that SEO agencies bring to the table. Your SEO needs may be one of a kind. However, any one element or variable is one that an SEO professional has probably encountered before. Your business is probably not the first cleaning service they’ve worked with, for example. Nor will you be the first business targeting the local organic market or the first website that relies heavily on video content.

The professionals at your SEO agency will draw on their experience to ask the right questions. They’ll dig in the right places and uncover the right stones to find the right opportunities tailored to your SEO campaign.


The SEO Agency for the Job

Before you have the right keywords, you need the right agency! With one of the most experienced SEO teams in New Zealand and Australia, Pure SEO has delivered results for thousands of successful businesses. We combine advanced tools and expertise to drive higher rankings through meticulous keyword research, comprehensive competitor analysis, technical SEO, effective paid search campaigns, and engaging content to boost site links. Reach out to Pure SEO today to learn more!

Rollan Schott

Rollan Schott is a copywriter with Pure SEO. Rollan was born and raised in the United States, having moved to New Zealand after 4 years teaching and writing in Asia. When he's not churning out quality content at breakneck speed, Rollan is probably busy writing the next great American novel. He may also be idly watching true crime documentaries in his Auckland Central apartment with his wife, Lauren. The latter is more likely than the former.

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