Google extends availability of Responsive Search Ads

As the year continues, Google has continued to make change after change to the way that they offer advertising – after only just announcing Responsive Search Ads last month at Google Marketing Live, Google has already announced that next month in September they’ll be rolling out the availability of these ads to more advertisers in English, French, German and Spanish, with more languages to follow soon after.

What are Responsive Search Ads?

Responsive Search Ads are a new ad type for ads in the Search Network, where marketers can set up one ad with multiple different headlines and descriptions. The aim for Google was to decrease the amount of work that advertisers would have to do, while increasing the amount of control that’s given to their systems to optimise ads in real time.

For just one static text ad, you’ll be able to set up as many as 15 different headlines and four descriptions. Of course, they won’t all be shown at once – Google’s automated system will choose one headline and one description to be shown for each ad, no matter how many you input, in order to optimise the version of the ad that’s seen by each searcher.

More automation for Google Ads

Responsive Search Ads are heavily supported by Google’s ever-developing automation and machine-learning technology, which is quickly becoming a crucial part of almost every form of campaign management that Google Ads offers. We’ve already seen automated campaigns rolling out for bids on Google Shopping, for example, and with Responsive Search Ads, Google’s machine learning platform will choose which of an advertiser’s up to 15 headlines for an ad will be shown, based on a variety of attributes from each individual search.

Extending simple text ads

As part of the larger announcement, Google also told us that advertisers would be able to add a third headline and second description to simple text ads, with descriptions now able to accommodate up to 90 characters, as opposed to the traditional 80 character limit. According to a blog post from Google last week, they made this decision in order to extend the same advantages provided to Responsive Search Ads users to those using traditional text ads.

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