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White hat (virtuous) SEO requires a good amount of research and analysis which wouldn’t be possible to thoroughly conduct without the help of valuable SEO tools. There are a number of good SEO tools available for professionals; one of the best is Advanced Web Ranking (AWR).

This search engine ranking analysis software is quick, effective and wallet friendly. So what exactly does this powerful SEO tool offer? There are four select plans (Standard, Professional, Enterprise or Server) to choose from depending on the product level that suits your needs and budget best. Each plan offers multiple valuable resources but for now we will only go over a few of the key attributes we find to be the most beneficial.


To provide successful SEO services thorough keyword research is crucial. AWR makes this research a painless process through integrating keyword resources such as Google Keyword Tool, Wordtracker, and Yahoo! Search Marketing; these provide the user with a comprehensive scope of keyword searches.

The AWR software uses human emulation techniques to get untainted search results. It is hugely beneficial to have the ability to track keywords from different search engines and compare how you rank verses competitors for your selected keywords. AWR also makes relevant keyword suggestions for terms that could help boost your rankings.

Without quality links it will be very difficult for your site be on top when it comes to search engine results. Advanced Web Ranking rates very highly when it comes to link assistance and it even has a unique Advanced Link Manager tool that you may tack on to your package.

With AWR’s link feature you can see who is linking to your site and using which keywords (anchor text to us SEO professionals!). You are also able to gain valuable insight to what sites are linking to your competitors.

With the Manual Link Update feature you are able to compare the top sites within different search engines so you can better understand and evaluate where you stand.

There are numerous other benefits to AWR, some of which are detailed below.

Time – The classic saying ‘time is money’ rings true when it comes to effectively providing good service to a large number of valued clients, and the AWR tool fully grasps this concept. This powerful analysis software allows you to automate and schedule certain tasks giving you free time to get to work on other important tasks.

Money – By investing in this comprehensive SEO software it saves you the cost of having to invest in a multitude of different analysis tools for specific sources.

Credibility – We pride ourselves on providing thorough SEO services to every client and there is no tolerance for anything other than top quality. AWR gives us the insight and instruments necessary to evaluate and monitor our clients and their competition.

Overall AWR is an excellent addition to our SEO arsenal and is a complete seo software. There are a huge number of features, some of which we have not used yet, but many we use regularly.

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