Understanding NZ Search Habits in 2020 with Google Trends

2020 has been a hectic year for us all to say the least. More than ever, people have been searching the internet for ‘How To’ tutorials and ‘What is’ searches. This year has made us ask a lot of questions, and who better to ask than Google!

It seems Kiwis have wanted to make bread, clear their face with DIY face masks, and understand the Coronavirus which turned the year upside down.

We are all curious to know what New Zealand’s most surprising searches of 2020 were and what it says about us as a nation. Read below to find out!

Surprise, surprise: Coronavirus is top of mind

With the overwhelming change that has come about this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was obvious what would be topping the New Zealand search trends.

The Coronavirus search has made the top overall search term and news event trend for New Zealand. The trend continues in the global rankings. Let’s hope the search interest doesn’t continue for 2021.

Surge in ‘how to’ content

The constant lockdowns have called for Kiwis to become more self-sustainable in their day-to-day lives. Naturally, this meant a lot of ‘how to’ searches made their way to the top of the search trends.

It seems Kiwis have wanted to learn how to make naan bread, hand sanitiser, and face masks in 2020 – not what we would have predicted in 2019. Learning how to lose weight, vote, and use Zoom (another top trending search overall), have also been popular among our nation. COVID-19 has given us a lot of time to acquire new skills, all the way from baking to fitness.

Global figures turn Kiwi heads

Apart from COVID-19, there has been a lot of riveting political drama throughout 2020. These events have caused the likes of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, and Kim Jon Un to make their way up to the top of the Global Figure search trends.

Surprisingly, there weren’t any Kiwis in the list of Global Figures for New Zealand. We would’ve assumed Jacinda Adern to make it! However, what is prominent is the Kiwi interest in global politics, as most figures listed were politically active. We admit it was hard not to stay on top of what was happening globally with the conditions of 2020!

Why you should use Google Trends

To put it simply, Google Trends is one of the most powerful and influential tools out there. Analysing the most popular searches in New Zealand is scraping the top of what Google Trends can do for you.

Google Trends can help give insight into relevant data for your business, whether recent or historic. Building a potential niche to target or a product line to create, can all be identified through Google Trends. However, it truly comes down to how much thought and effort you put towards utilising this potent tool for your benefit. Or maybe you simply want to learn whether football or American football is more searched.

Either way, we recommend having a look into Google Trends to check out the insights. Learning to utilise Google Trends for your business could be pivotal to your success

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