The Art of Conversion Rate Optimisation

No matter how many times you hear, “you can’t judge a book by its cover”… you do. First impressions count and influence how much you engage with whatever you come across.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) was born from this premise. It is the method of creating an experience on your website that drives your audience to turn their visits into conversions.

Since the launch of e-commerce, websites have been dissected to determine which site layouts, landing pages, headings, copy etc. lead to the highest conversion rates.

Through the design of your landing page and web layout you can strategically inspire visitors to proceed through to the checkout page. Marketers, philosophers and entrepreneurs have put their heads together to develop two distinct conversion rate optimisation schools of practice. The first of which, focuses specifically on tweaking the website layout and design of the landing page to turn the average browsing consumer into a paying customer.


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The second employs optimisation and research tactics where the target audience is thoroughly researched and the website’s feel and content is crafted specifically to their appeal.

When creating a website, it is common for companies to focus on how they imagine it to be and do little to try and see it from their consumer’s point of view. Conversion Rate Optimisation corrects this and applies methods to reduce your “bounce rate” without increasing your budget.

Unlike ads, which stimulate a targeted group to spike the conversion rate for a short period of time, CRO creates a steady continual conversion flow.

Data collection is the first essential step to conversion rate optimisation. When reviewing your website in regards to CRO, optimisers apply multivariate methods during geographic, contextual, demographic, customer and frequency analysis.

These advanced analytical methods help to align with your business goals with current market realities in order to structure your online presence to meet your business objectives.

Employ this valuable strategic optimisation mythology to get that needed boost in your website conversion rates and keep your customers coming back.

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