Content Marketing 2020: Tips for the Brand-New Decade

The switch from the 2010s to the 2020s is a big one. For many people, the sound of “2020” is almost too futuristic to be real. But it’s here, and we all have to keep pace! This is especially true in the realm of digital and content marketing.

To help you keep up with trends in the new decade, we’ve put together some curated content marketing tips—from around the web and from within Pure SEO—to make sure your business starts the new decade with a bang.

Stand Out from the Crowd

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Citizens of the Internet are growing more numerous every year. In fact, according to Statista, the global digital population encompasses 58 per cent of people in the world. That means that almost 4.48 billion people are online, so your audience is undoubtedly out there, no matter what your business is.

The key is in finding your audience, or in being found by them. That particular skill set is our wheelhouse. So, how do you use content marketing to get found?

Be the First

Instead of using data that you’ve picked up from other sources, use data that you have gathered on your own as often as you can when it relates to your industry. This allows you to be cited by others and perpetuates your content by sheer virtue of being cited in other articles.

Let’s take a look at an example. If you run a cupcake shop and do a quick analysis of the preference of royal icing compared to buttercream, publishing that data could get you featured in any number of popular baking blogs. The key is to put relevant and interesting content around this original statistic so that when someone finds your business through this content, they want to dig deeper.

Pure SEO recently worked with Whites Agency to create the country’s very first Big Data Analysis report for the NZ clothing market, which gave us traffic and backlinks.

Be Visual

Content marketing is useless if you can’t get your reader to stay on—and engage with—your website. This is where visual interest steps in. Any information, no matter how interesting, is not nearly as engaging when it’s presented without visual interest. Humans are inherently visual creatures and are therefore drawn in by things that catch their eye. Attractive title cards, colourful and informative diagrams, images of an event—these are all going to grab and retain the attention of your reader!

Be Authentic

The age of sensationalising is over, and it’s time to get real. Readers in the modern day are looking for viable statistics, cited sources, and a reliable source of information. There are places they can go for stories with a questionable basis and sites with articles written purely to pass the time. However, speaking in the majority, the best way to create a loyal base of readers is to be authentic.

Make it Engaging: How to Create Content That Won’t Let Go

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Writing engagingly means creating a piece that always makes your reader feel like they have to read the next line. Even if it is a piece of non-fiction, you can write it like a story to create a flow from beginning to end. It’s content that won’t let them go.

Content Marketing = Quality Over Quantity

A high word count does not a good article make. Aim for well-considered, high-quality and relevant content over a long article. Not only does this make it more engaging, but it also paints you as a reliable source of industry information, and encourages customers to seek you out the next time they have a query.

Pay Attention to the Ecosystem

The Internet is an eco-system that is built to thrive under certain conditions. Like any other eco-system, there are patterns and trends of behaviour to follow, and paying attention to those patterns will put you ahead. Keep an eye on new trends and topics that are being discussed, and weigh in on said topics from your industry’s perspective.

Get an Expert Opinion

When you can, utilise the perspective of an expert! A well-informed opinion is more valuable than gold in the world of content marketing, and it will resonate with readers who are similarly informed. Using an expert opinion immediately frames your business as an authority, making you trustworthy in the eyes of your ideal customer.

Our final piece of advice is this: write what you want to read. You are a denizen of the Internet as well, and you’re a prime representation of your target audience. Use the tips above and write for yourself as yourself. You can’t go wrong.

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Courtney-Dale Nel

Courtney is a Content Writer on the Pure SEO team. They have a Bachelor in Behavioural Psychology, way too much experience working with pigeons, and a fondness for nachos that rivals most marriages.

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